44993-bigthumbnailDesert Wanderer:

I am Steve Valentine, a disabled veteran of the U.S. Army who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom II from Dec. ’03 till Mar. ’05.  I’m an SOP, no not a Standard Operating Procedure, but a Son of a Preacher.  My father was the late Steve E. Valentine. 

You could say that I followed him into the field by way of the Army instead of going to Sunset School of Preaching.  It was during my deployment that I took part in preaching and teaching for a small church of Christ located in a motor-pool shed which housed the Taji Church of Christ in Taji, Iraq.  Upon my return home I have taken every opportunity to man a pulpit or teach in the trenches. 

Currently I am preaching part time in the small West Texas town of Sanderson.  When my family and I assemble with the Body down there in the Chihuahuan Desert, we increase their attendance by 100%.  It is a true labor of love to bring the grace of God to them through the teaching and preaching of the Gospel.

I am also in the midst of founding Desert Wanderings Christian Camp.  A summer adventure camp for young people 14-19 years old.  At DWCC, young people find themselves in a desert place to be prepared for an active life of servitude to others for the cause of Christ.  DWCC is designed to help unlock the power Christ has placed in them by developing responsibility, stewardship, service and a growing relationship with God.  From the fire comes the purest gold.

I look forward to conveying the lessons I learned in the desert places.  And even learning from those who have tread those paths before me.